Swiss Appraisal's valuation reports

Swiss Appraisal designates the following goals during the valuation process and report preparation for legal entities:

  • Valuation for the purchase of property / business segment
  • Revaluation of fixed assets and funds
  • Valuation of shares of the company and their contribution to share capital
  • Valuation for merger and acquisition
  • Valuation of investments and investment projects
  • Valuation for insurance purposes, property insurance valuation
  • Valuation for property division and disputes
  • Valuation of the credit rating of a borrower for a loan
  • Valuation for property sale / purchase
  • Valuation of an object for leasing
  • Valuation of collateral
  • Valuation of rent and rental rates
  • Valuation for the preparation of an IPO
  • Valuation of use rights
  • Valuation for the acquisition of fixed assets
  • Valuation for court and the judicial valuation of property
  • Valuation for the assignment of rights to intellectual property
  • Valuation of lost profits and income foregone
  • Valuation of a source of financing and valuation for fundraising

Swiss Appraisal's advantages

  • Compliance of our valuation reports with international standards
  • International investors, funds, banks, insurance and management companies rely on our valuation reports
  • Valuation reports may be prepared in any language upon request
  • Our focus on a client's needs, which is one of the main principles behind our client-partner relations
  • Use of modern technology and information systems
  • The internationally recognized speed, accuracy and quality of our work

More reasons to work with Swiss Appraisal

  • Swiss Appraisal offers the best prices for professional valuation services
  • Swiss Appraisal guarantees that our valuation reports will be ready on time
  • Swiss Appraisal uses only the most up-to-date market information
  • Swiss Appraisal guarantees independent and impartial valuation
  • Swiss Appraisal applies a multi-stage quality control system
  • Swiss Appraisal is a client-focused team of professionals

Swiss Appraisal is well aware of unique challenges faced by each of our clients. We always strive to offer the best services specific to our clients' needs.

Swiss Appraisal's approach is based on a deep understanding of the clients' aims and employs innovative problem solving methods with careful consideration for local details along with profound expertise in specific industries and activities.