Business valuation, independent valuation of companies

Swiss Appraisal's priority is to use the most advanced methodologies for business valuation.

Strengthening investor confidence plays a key role for many companies, especially at a time when many businesses are integrating international markets.

Swiss Appraisal is the leader in the valuation sector. While working on their projects, Swiss Appraisal not only performs full business valuation according to the international standards, but also helps their clients and partners reach their objectives, improve risk management and business transparency.

Determining a company's value and business valuation are complicated tasks requiring a deep understanding of macroeconomic and industry trends as well as managing financial, accounting, legal and tax related issues. Swiss Appraisal provides all of this along with a detailed knowledge of methodology for business valuation.

Swiss Appraisal provides a full range of services to help you assess the value of a business for valuation purposes. Our professionals use all the available approaches to business valuation. Valuation can increase the credibility of any relative financial information submitted.

When assessing the value of a business, the appraisers of Swiss Appraisal calculate the value of all the company's assets - real estate, land, equipment and machinery, inventories, investments and intangible assets. In addition, the valuation company Swiss Appraisal assesses the effectiveness of the company's operating cash flows, income prospects for development and provides competitor analysis.

Types of business valuation services we provide

Swiss Appraisal offers the following:
  • Investment valuation for a business / company
  • Assessment of the financial condition of a business / company
  • Manufacturing valuation
  • Company / firm valuation
  • Valuation of holdings
  • Valuation of closed joint-stock companies (CJSC valuation)
  • Valuation of limited liability companies (LLC valuation)
  • Valuation of the assets of a company
  • Capital valuation
  • Valuation of capitalization
  • Valuation of capital investments
  • Valuation of fixed assets / company funds
  • Valuation of the liquidity and solvency of an organization

To find out more about business valuation, please send your request via the website.

Objectives of business valuation

Swiss Appraisal identifies the following goals for business valuation and the preparation of a business valuation report:

Branches of business valuation

Swiss Appraisal employs both narrowly specialized experts and broad specialists, who have extensive experience in business valuation in the following industries:

  • Banking sector
  • Chemical industry
  • Construction
  • Digital communications
  • Electric power industry
  • Financial services
  • Food and beverages (F&B)
  • Health care
  • Hotel sector
  • Insurance
  • Investment funding
  • Investments
  • IT
  • Logistics
  • Media companies
  • Oil and gas sector
  • Production sector
  • Retail
  • Service sectors
  • Start-up companies
  • Telecommunication sector
  • Tourism
  • Unit investment trusts
  • Wood-processing industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Other industries

What you will get in a Swiss Appraisal's business valuation report

  • Deep analysis of your industry (both in local and international contexts)
  • Analysis of your company's geographical location
  • Analysis of any provided documents
  • Analysis of your organization's past financial and economic activities (3-5 years)
  • Major suppliers and consumers analysis (Porter's model)
  • Your choice of adequate calculation methods and techniques
  • Unique models showing the company's development in the mid-term perspective and in the post-forecast period
  • Use of unique business valuation modeling technology
  • Justification of subject ratios

Swiss Appraisal's unique approach to business valuation

  • Swiss Appraisal valuates companies using unique international sources of information. We perform analyses of similar companies both in local and international contexts
  • Swiss Appraisal applies a unique business valuation model which requires the forecasting of all performance indicators of an enterprise in the mid and long-term perspectives
  • Swiss Appraisal uses all publicly available information on all comparable companies
  • Swiss Appraisal keeps an eye on all major international deals. The data processing and market analysis center prepares updated reports weekly

For more information on business valuation we ask you to contact the Swiss Appraisal regional office.