Real estate valuation, market valuation of commercial real estate

Swiss Appraisal is one of the leaders in the market of professional real estate valuation according to internationally accepted standards. We have developed a unique method of executing such valuations, combining local and international standards of valuation.

The absolute majority of international investors and financial institutions trust Swiss Appraisal's results for property valuation.

The effective standardization of the workflow, as well as the coordination of all processes of real estate valuation between all participants of the project team, leads to a smooth running report on the valuation of real estate.

Areas of property valuation

Swiss Appraisal performs valuation of the following property types:

Residential real estate

  • Urban residential real estate valuation
    • Room valuation
    • Flat valuation
    • Standard and exclusive flats valuation
    • Penthouse valuation
    • Residential buildings valuation
    • Construction in progress valuation
    • Investment contracts valuation, etc

  • Country residential real estate valuation
    • Summer cottages valuation
    • Country houses valuation
    • Villas valuation
    • Townhouses valuation
    • Villa communitie valuation
    • Buildings under constructions and others

Commercial real estate

  • Office real estate valuation
    • Offices valuation
    • Business centers valuation
    • Redesigned buildings valuation
    • Stand-alone buildings valuation
    • Private residences
    • Mansions valuation

  • Commercial real estate valuation
    • Shops valuation
    • Shopping centers valuation
    • Mall valuation
    • Retail center valuation
    • Retail park valuation
    • Restaurants valuation
    • Coffee shops valuation, etc.

  • Warehouse real estate valuation
    • All types and categories of storage facilities valuation
    • All types and categories of warehouses valuation
    • Warehouse complexes valuation

  • Manufacturing and industrial property valuation

  • Mixed-Use real estate valuation

  • Investment projects valuation

If you want to valuate your property, please send a request through our website.

Objectives of property valuation

Swiss Appraisal identifies the following goals for property valuation and report preparation:

What you will get in the real estate valuation report

  • Regional / local real estate markets analysis
  • Key projects analysis
  • Analysis of the near / distant environment
  • Real estate rental / sales market analysis
  • Market forecast
  • Choice of adequate calculation methods and techniques
  • Calculations of commercial real estate cash flows
  • Unique method of calculation of adjustment ratios
  • 50 adjustment ratios while using comparative approach
  • Accurate consideration of specific characteristics of the real estate
  • Justification of the ratios being applied

Swiss Appraisals unique approach to real estate valuation

  • Performance of both field and office market analysis
  • Unique model for real estate valuation on the basis of an analysis of its current and potential use, as well as a regional property market forecast
  • Unique system of property comparison in real time
  • All publicly available information on all comparable real estate

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