Valuation of equipment and machinery, valuation of special purpose equipment

Professional machinery and equipment valuation is the best way to find out the real market value of this active part of a business's fixed assets, which is the basis of any enterprise.

In the process of equipment and machinery valuation, the specialists at Swiss Appraisal utilize a huge amount of different information: price, technical, operational, productional, marketing, economic and others. When conducting such valuations the best analysts and researchers use a variety of economic indicators, such as expenses, percentages, ratios, and other indexes.

The specialists of Swiss Appraisal who work with equipment and machinery valuation have extensive experience in all areas and sectors of industry.

Areas of machinery and equipment valuation

Swiss Appraisal offers:

  • Equipment valuation
    • Machines valuation
    • Machine tools valuation
    • Aggregates valuation
    • Presses valuation
    • Devices valuation
    • Systems valuation
    • Installations valuation
  • Machines valuation
    • Cars valuation
    • Tractors valuation
    • Conveyers valuation
    • Transporters valuation
    • Elevators valuation
    • Locomotives valuation
    • Railway carriages valuation
    • Vessels valuation
  • Machine complexes valuation
    • Technological complexes valuation
    • Flow lines valuation
    • Transfer lines valuation
    • Robotic cells valuation
    • Flexible modules valuation
    • Road-trains valuation
  • Pipelines valuation
    • Gas pipelines valuation
    • Oil pipelines valuation
    • Regional gas distribution and sale agencies valuation

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Swiss Appraisal's team consists of specialists both in narrow and broad fields with extensive experience in enterprise valuations in the following sectors:

  • Chemical industry
  • Coal industry
  • Food & beverages and agricultural sector
  • Glass industry
  • Mineral resource industry
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas Sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Process industry
  • Steel industry
  • Wood-processing industry
  • Electricity

Documents required to value equipment and machinery

The minimum collection of documents required to value equipment and machinery include:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Country of origin
  • Manufacturer country
  • Year of manufacture
  • Year of start up
  • Purpose
  • Main technical specifications (performance, power, capacity, etc.)

Additional documents:

  • Information about conservation and repair
  • Cost and full replacement cost
  • Net book value as of the valuation date
  • Depreciation rate
  • Main characteristics of production
  • Inventory number

What will you get in the machinery and equipment valuation report

  • Deep analysis of the industry
  • Analysis of the documents provided
  • Decoding of items
  • Valuation of total depreciation of machinery and equipment
  • Sources of information from leading world experts in the field of machinery and equipment valuation
  • Your choice of adequate calculation methods and techniques
  • Technical and economic analysis of machines and equipment under valuation
  • Justification of selected conversion ratios and calculations of depreciation
  • Determination of machinery and equipment market value using the cost based, income or comparative approaches (where applicable)

Swiss Appraisal's unique approach to machinery and equipment valuation

  • Swiss Appraisal uses a unique model which allows one to valuate any type of machinery and equipment, and appraises the impact of main value indicators of the machine under valuation
  • Swiss Appraisal uses complex mathematical models to valuate special machinery and equipment, and to solve the most difficult problems

For more information about machinery and equipment valuation, please contact the Swiss Appraisal regional office.