Valuation of intangible assets, value IP

Intangible assets valuation, professional independent valuation of intellectual property

Intangible assets are the ones that have value but have no physical substance. These assets are used for business purposes and are able to bring profit.

Swiss Appraisal divides intangible asset valuation into four groups:

  • Property rights (the right to use on the basis of license agreements: property, land, water, other natural resources, mineral resources, etc.)
  • Information, which is a trade secret (not subject to patent protection, design, engineering and technological documentation, the results of research and development work, know-how)
  • Objects of copyright and related rights (software, databases and topology circuits, science, literature, music, painting and other art forms)
  • Industrial property (certificate of service marks, certificates for trademarks, patents, industrial design, patents for selection achievements, patents for inventions)

In the case of large companies and popular trademarks, the proportion intangible assets to tangible ones may exceed 50% of the total value. That is why their valuation is critically important.

Types of intangible assets valuation services we provide

Swiss Appraisal offers the following:

  • License valuation
  • Valuation of R & D
  • Valuation of research
  • Valuation of know-how (know-how)
  • Patent valuation
  • Valuation of property rights
  • Database valuation
  • Valuation of software
  • Valuation of industrial design
  • Valuation of utility models
  • Valuation of websites and internet projects
  • Valuation of an appellation of the origin of goods
  • Valuation of selection achievements

To find out more about intangible assets valuation, please send your request via the website.

Objectives of intangible assets valuation

Swiss Appraisal identifies the following goals for the valuation and report preparation of intangible assets and intellectual property:

What you will get in an intangible assets valuation report

  • Valuations of the forecasted cash flows period from intangible assets and post-forecast period
  • Justification of the chosen period for forecasting cash flows from intangible assets
  • Calculations for discount rates
  • Justification of subject ratios
  • Your choice of adequate calculation methods and techniques
  • Detailed calculations of reproduction costs and a list of similar intangible assets for further comparison

Swiss Appraisal's unique approach to intangible assets and IP valuation

  • Swiss Appraisal calculates intangible assets value on the basis of cash flows from these assets in the forecasted and post-forecast periods, determined with the help of a unique model
  • Swiss Appraisal utilizes data sources of well-known global leaders. Swiss Appraisal relies both on its own experience and the experience and knowledge of the world's experts in its day-to-day operations.
  • Swiss Appraisal's project implementation begins with a deep analysis of the industry and calculating the main performance indicators of related participant companies. Therefore, by the time Swiss Appraisal starts preparing its reports, it already has all the necessary information about the market and insight into the value of its major players

For more information about intangible assets valuation services, please contact the Swiss Appraisal regional office.