Transport and vehicle valuation

Vehicles are objects used to transport cargo, goods and passengers as well as containers and other transportation equipment.

Valuation of vehicles is highly specialized, and has a rather separated kind of valuation activity which has a clear distinction from the valuation of other types of objects due to the following:

  • Significant functional and structural features
  • Many aspects influencing cost
  • Various legal, methodical and informational factors in vehicle valuation
  • Allocation of valuation work into separated groups by relevant classifiers
  • Differences in the structure and parameters of the vehicle market from other objects of valuation

Transport and vehicle valuation determines their value while taking into account technical condition, physical depreciation and obsolescence of the subject assets.

Areas of transport and vehicle valuation

Swiss Appraisal works with the following types of transport valuation:

  • Motor transport valuation
    • Passenger cars valuation
    • Trucks valuation
    • Car damage valuation
    • Motorcycles valuation
    • Trailers valuation
    • Agricultural vehicles valuation
  • Railway valuation
    • Locomotives valuation
    • Railway carriages and trains valuation
  • Water transport valuation
    • River transport valuation
    • Sea transport valuation
    • Warships valuation
    • Cargo ships valuation
    • Passenger ships valuation
    • Vessels valuation
    • Yachts valuation
    • Liners valuation
    • Tankers valuation
    • Barges valuation
    • Boats valuation
  • Air transport valuation
    • Spaceships valuation
    • Traditional and light aircraft valuation
    • Helicopters valuation
    • Hot-air balloons valuation
  • Construction equipment valuation
    • Earth-moving machines valuation
    • Hoisting machines valuation
    • Loading and off-loading machines valuation
    • Machines for drilling operations valuation
    • Machines for piling valuation
    • Machines for concreting and reinforced concreting valuation
    • Machines for fit-out works valuation
    • Road-building machines valuation
    • Hand-held (mechanical) tools valuation
  • Other
    • Containers valuation

If you want to valuate your transport or vehicles, please send a request via the website.

What you will get in a transport valuation report

  • Detailed market analysis
  • Overview of main market trends and market forecasts
  • List of similar vehicles / machines
  • Your choice of adequate calculation methods and techniques
  • Technical characteristics analysis
  • Valuation of total depreciation, repair and reconstruction works
  • Justification of selected ratios

Swiss Appraisal's unique approach to transport valuation

Swiss Appraisal will compile a complete transport valuation report with the following:

  • Unique system of analysis of all comparable vehicles in real-time
  • Specialized professional program products
  • Strict standardization of valuation procedures
  • Quality control during all stages of the assessment
  • Full technical performance analysis of the vehicle / machine at hand

To find out more about transport and vehicle valuation, please contact the Swiss Appraisal regional office.