Valuation of natural resources and their cost

Swiss Appraisal uses cutting-edge methods for natural resource valuation.

Swiss Appraisal uses a term "level of natural resource supply". This is the level of natural resources supply according to the ratio of available natural resources to the natural resources used. This indicator is based on the number of possible years of natural resource consumption or natural resource stock per capita. This indicator is influenced by the amount of natural resources of the region and the degree of its extraction.

Swiss Appraisal's natural resource valuation includes analyses of all factors and builds on the differences between regions in the level of natural resources supply. Taking into account:

  • The amount of the natural resource
  • Potential and existing reserves
  • Quality, composition and properties of the natural resource
  • Usage conditions
  • Mode of occurrence
  • Thickness of the subject layer
  • Production
  • Commercial potential
  • And other significant details

Fields of natural resource valuation

  • Forest and forest resources valuation
  • Water resources valuation
  • Deposits valuation
  • Open pit valuation
  • Garden valuation
  • Landscape valuation
  • Land marking valuation
  • Soil valuation
  • Nonmetallic resources valuation
  • Fuel and energy resource valuation
  • Hydropower resource valuation
  • Agricultural resource valuation
  • Recreational resource valuation

If you want to valuate your natural resources, please send a request via our website.

Objectives of natural resource valuation

Swiss appraisal identifies the following goals for natural resource valuation and report preparation:

What you will get in a natural resources valuation report

  • Regional / local market analysis
  • Analysis of the region: specific characteristics, statistics, economy, politics and development trends
  • Value drivers analysis
  • Analysis of near / distant environment of the subject resources
  • Market forecast
  • Your choice of adequate calculation methods and techniques
  • Recommendations on the best and most efficient use of the natural resources
  • Calculation of cash flows from the natural resources
  • Unique methods of calculation of adjustment ratios
  • Justification of the ratios applied

Swiss Appraisal's unique approach to natural resources valuation

  • Performance of both field and desk market analysis
  • Unique model of natural resources valuation based on the analysis of their current and potential use as well as market forecasts
  • Unique system allowing the analysis of all comparable resources in real-time
  • All publicly available information about all comparable resources

For more information about natural resources valuation, please contact the Swiss Appraisal regional office.