Land plots and land valuation

Land and land plots rarely have direct counterparts for comparison. The uniqueness of each individual land plot may significantly affect its value.

Swiss Appraisal uses more than 50 corrective coefficients in order to accurately determine the value of land and land plots in detail, in order to valuate its potential investment value, as well as to accurately determine the fair market value of the land plot.

Types of land and land plots valuation services we provide

Swiss Appraisal works with the following types of land valuations:

  • Leasehold land valuation
  • Land market value determination
  • Land plots market value determination
  • Urban lands valuation
  • Agricultural lands valuation
  • Lands for individual housing construction valuation
  • Investment contracts valuation
  • Industrial lands valuation
  • Summer cottage plots valuation
  • Settlement lands valuation
  • Land marking valuation
  • Landscape valuation
  • Territory valuation

Objectives of land and land plot valuation

Swiss Appraisal identifies the following goals for land and land plot valuations and reports:

  • Valuation of rental rates
  • Valuation with contribution to authorized capital
  • Valuation for property repurchase
  • Valuation of land plots for investment
  • Valuation for property division and disputes
  • Valuation for loan obtainment
  • Valuation for purchase / sale
  • Land revaluation
  • Property use rights valuation
  • Valuations for merger / acquisition
  • Land valuation for court

What will you get in the land valuation report

  • Regional / local land market analysis
  • Value driver's analysis
  • Analysis of the region: its peculiarities, statistics, economy, politics and development trends
  • Analysis of the property's near / distant environment
  • Market forecast
  • A choice of adequate calculation methods and techniques
  • Scenario analysis of the land plot development
  • Recommendations on the best and the most efficient use of land plots
  • Calculation of grounds cash flows
  • Calculation for the potential cost of construction (if applicable)
  • Unique method for the calculation of adjustment ratios
  • Justification of subject ratios being applied

Swiss Appraisal's unique approach to land and grounds valuation

  • Both field and office market performance analyses
  • Unique model of property units valuation based on the analysis of its current and potential use as well as the regional property market forecast
  • Unique system for the analysis of all comparable properties in real-time
  • All publicly available information about all comparable properties

To find out more about land and land plots valuation, please contact the Swiss Appraisal regional office.