Bank valuation, market-based bank valuation service

The income that the bank will bring to the owners, determines the valuation of both the bank and the business. When doing valuations of banks, there are a lot of peculiarities needed to be taken into consideration, for example, a small proportion of property in the bank's assets, the specific accounting of credit institutions, the low share of equity in total assets and the amount of intangible assets.

Types of banks valuation services we provide

Swiss Appraisal offers the following:

  • Commercial banks valuation
  • State banks valuation
  • Universal banks valuation
  • Mortgage banks valuation
  • Savings banks valuation
  • Investment banks valuation
  • Agricultural banks valuation
  • Cooperative societies valuation

To find out more about our bank valuation services, please send a request via the website.

Objectives of bank valuation

Swiss Appraisal identifies the following goals for bank valuation and the preparation of a bank valuation report:

What you will get in Swiss Appraisal's bank valuation report?

  • Detailed market analyses both in local and international contexts
  • World, regional and local market outlooks
  • Analyses of the bank's past financial and economic activities and forecast
  • Calculations for the forecast period's duration and the bank's growth rate
  • Detailed risk analysis
  • Calculations for discount rates
  • Forecasted and post-forecasted cash flow valuations
  • Your choice of adequate methods of calculation
  • Justification of subject ratios

Swiss Appraisal's unique approach to banks valuation

  • Swiss Appraisal uses sources of information provided by recognized leaders in the world's financial markets. The activities of Swiss Appraisal rely on both its own experience and the experience and knowledge of the financial world's experts
  • Swiss Appraisal's project implementation begins with a deep analysis of the industry and calculating the main performance indicators of related participant companies. Therefore, by the time Swiss Appraisal starts preparing its reports, it already has all the necessary information about the market and insight into the value of its major players
  • Utilization of a cash flow forecast modeling system
  • Swiss Appraisal uses all publicly available information on all comparable banks
  • Swiss Appraisal keeps an eye on all large international deals. The data processing and market analysis center prepares updates weekly

For more information on bank valuation, we ask you to contact the Swiss Appraisal regional office.