Valuation of brands, merchandise and trademarks valuation services

Nowadays, most customers pay less attention to the quality of a product. They prefer to buy brands they are already familiar with. A trademark of an already tested and widely advertised product is capable of replacing detailed research relating to the product's features. Thus product competition has been replaced with brand and trademark competition. Trademark selling has become a popular phenomenon. This has lead to the enhancement of registered trademarks, and hence the need to express these both significantly and clearly for sake of the business's value, i.e. the need for trademark valuation.

What's the process of brand and trademark valuation? At first, it is necessary to know the difference between a brand and a trademark. A trademark is the designation to identify a product and its producer, represented using words or graphics. 'Brand' isn't a legal term, it was adopted from marketing and it has almost the same meaning as trademark. However, brand valuation is seemingly mandatory in view of its impact on the image of the company as a whole. One can say that a brand is only successful when it is recognized and widely known.

The trademarks that have value can be independent objects for purchase and sale. Trademark selling implies the involvement of an independent appraiser in order to adjust the value of the rights to the trademark at hand. An independent trademark valuation is necessary when making license agreements (franchising) or business restructuring merger, acquisition, division or separation.

Valuation of a brand can be done by yourself, if you count all the costs of its creation, registration and advertising. But will this cost reflect the real value of the brand? In fact, the brand value of big western companies often exceeds the costs of real tangible assets. That's why an expert is needed for brand valuation, who knows the best calculation methods, who has experience and access to the necessary information. Trusting the professionals, the owner of a brand will get the most informed financial expression of its value, which will help shape a unique strategy for its further development.

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