Hotel valuation, hotel real estate valuation

In light of the active growth of world tourism, the hotel business actively gains momentum. A need has developed to appraise the value of existing hotels and new investment projects in the hotel property sector. The approaches for hotel property valuation directly depend on the pursued objectives: an object can be considered as a separate building or as a hotel complex with all of its infrastructure or as a hotel business in general.

We valuate the following types of hotel property

  • Hotel valuation
  • Hotel valuation
  • Hostel valuation (Youth hostel valuation)
  • Hotel-clubs valuation (tennis clubs, business clubs)
  • Holiday hotel valuation
  • Resort valuation
  • Campsite valuation

Objectives of hotel and hotel property valuation

Here are some of the reasons to valuate hotel real estate:

  • Hotel complex valuation for subsequent purchase / sale
  • Real estate valuations for mergers and acquisitions
  • Property valuation for a loan from a bank and to provide collateral
  • Hotel property revaluation
  • Property valuation for insurance
  • Valuation for court
  • Building valuation with contribution to authorized capital
  • Hotel real estate valuation for investment planning

Valuation criteria for hotels and hotel properties

Valuation criteria for different types of hotel properties and valuation purposes are different.

Factors for hotel valuations:

  • Location
  • Historical and architectural value
  • Appearance of the facade
  • The number of elevators in high-rise buildings
  • Quality of room stock
  • The presence of food businesses and their hours
  • The presence of protected parking
  • The presence of sports and entertainment services
  • Services for the disabled

Factors for holiday homes, guest homes and other similar object valuations:

  • The territory
  • The presence of parks / green space and the distance from water bodies
  • Historical and architectural value
  • The number of elevators
  • The quality of room stock
  • Transportation services
  • Food service and operating hours
  • The availability of sports and leisure facilities
  • The availability of health and medical facilities
  • Services for the disabled

How we valuate hotel real estate

  • We valuate a hotel property based on its market value, the current cash flow from operations which reflect the implementation of an investment project at its base, the costs of repair and restoration work and its resale value.
  • Swiss Appraisal applies its own unique scoring system for real estate valuation to analyze thousands of comparable objects in real time.
  • We do not select objects for comparison, instead we use all the information available on the market about all comparable objects.
  • The market data center and analyses are updated daily.

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