Valuation of commercial real estate, valuation of retail space

Valuation of commercial real estate, retail space valuation

Retail property is one of the largest commercial property sectors with a high demand in the market.

When valuating retail space and retail property projects, it is necessary to take into account a huge number of factors, the most important of which is the availability to the buyer. When valuating the availability of a store to the customer, one must consider the appeal of the region, the demographic composition of the population, the circulation of human flows and any possible changes in these factors in connection with the reconstruction and development of the area.

The valuation of grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and other facilities can be carried out not only as a separate items of property, but as a complete business valuation in light of all equipment, vehicles and specialized machinery.

We valuate the following types of commercial property

  • Stores valuation
  • Retail space valuation
  • Shopping complexes and shopping centers valuation
  • Mall valuation valuation
  • Retail centers valuation
  • Retail parks valuation
  • Restaurants valuation
  • Cafes valuation
  • Projects of commercial property valuation

Objectives of commercial property and retail space valuation

Here are some of the reasons for retail space and commercial property valuation:

  • Valuation of market rental rates for commercial premises
  • Property valuations for investment planning
  • Property valuation of commercial real estate for future sale / purchase
  • Valuation for obtaining a bank loan and collateral security
  • Real estate appraisal on the revaluation of property
  • Valuation for commercial property insurance
  • Property valuation for court
  • Property valuation with a contribution to authorized capital

Criteria for the valuation of commercial property and premises

  • Building type
  • Year of construction (new building / renovated building)
  • Legal documentation
  • Building management
  • Constructive solutions of a building
  • Layout and decoration
  • Engineering equipment of a building
  • Air conditioning and ventilation
  • Telecommunications
  • Electric power supply
  • Parking
  • Infrastructure
  • Location
  • Availability to the buyer
  • Ecological conditions

The way we valuate commercial property

  • We can valuate commercial property based on its market value, current financial flows from a lease, taking into account the implementation of an investment project, the amount of expenses on repair work and the liquidation value.
  • Swiss Appraisal applies its own unique computerized scoring system to determine property valuation and to compare thousands of similar objects in real time.
  • We do not select objects for comparison, we use all the information available on the current market regarding all comparable objects.
  • The market data center and their analyses are updated every day.

In all cases, our experts strive to deliver professional results in the shortest time.
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