Buildings and construction valuation

Often, buildings and facilities account for a significant part of the real property of any enterprise and business in general.

When assessing the value of buildings and constructions, the evaluator must clearly understand the function of these objects. In the case valuating an office building including its infrastructure, primarily, it should be considered an income generating property. If we are talking about an enterprise with its own infrastructure and logistics, the buildings often are valuated as separated estates.

We valuate the following types of buildings

  • Residential buildings valuation
  • Detached houses of various purposes valuation
  • Office buildings valuation
  • Commercial property valuation
  • Warehouse complexes valuation
  • Hotel complexes valuation
  • Industrial property valuation
  • Incomplete constructions valuation
  • Detached buildings valuation

We valuate the following types of constructions

  • Valuation of structures for various purposes
  • Valuation of constructions that are being built
  • Valuation of illegally constructed buildings
  • Valuation of structures unfit for further use
  • Valuation of orphaned projects, the purpose of which is not defined

Objectives of building and construction valuation

Here are some of the reasons to valuate buildings and constructions:

  • Valuation of buildings and facilities for sale / purchase
  • Valuation of market rental rates for commercial real estate
  • Valuation for obtaining a loan and collateral security
  • Revaluation of previously valuated property
  • Valuation of construction for insurance
  • Valuation of property for contribution to share capital
  • Valuation for investment planning
  • Lost profits valuation as a result of the demolition of the building

How we valuate construction and buildings

  • We can valuate buildings based on the current market value, its cash flow from rents, taking into account the implementation of an investment project, the costs of repair work and the salvage value.
  • Swiss Appraisal applies its own unique scoring system for property valuation to analyze thousands of comparable objects in real time.
  • We do not select objects for comparison, instead we use all the information available on the market about all comparable objects.
  • The market data center analyses are updated daily.

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