Valuation for the division of property and property disputes

Valuation for the division of property and property disputes

Property disputes regarding joint or shared property between private and legal entities make the lion's share of all court proceedings. And most of those disputes arise when the property is divided or with the withdrawal of one of the rights owners. An independent valuation for property division and disputes is necessary in the event of litigation.

The division of property does not necessarily lead to property disputes and litigation. But in this case it is advisable to carry out an independent valuation of the property division in order to obtain an objective valuation of the assets to be distributed. An independent valuation meets the interests of all parties involved and prevent conflicts of interest.

If a divided property involves the possibility of the division into proper shares without damaging its value in general, then it's valuation is conducted according to those objects. Moreover, the selection of the objects within the property is chosen by the owners themselves.

If a property is impossible to divide without damaging it's total value, the valuation for the property in general is applied. Such situations occur when it is physically impossible to select a share without damaging the property's integrity or after the release of one's share, the total value is much lower than that of the entire facility. In this case the purpose of the property division valuation is to establish the amount of compensation that will be paid to the participants who haven't received shares in the joint property complex.

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