Valuation of an object of leasing and the lessee

Valuation of an object of leasing and the lessee

There is a need to attract additional resources in the context of the dynamic expansion of business enterprises. An effective tool to attract such resources to expand a business is leasing. The subjects of leasing may be an enterprise, property complexes, buildings, structures, equipment, vehicles or other chattels and real estate.

To determine the value of an asset, it is necessary to utilize an independent appraiser who is competent to make a detailed calculation of the objects value based on its individual characteristics.

Swiss Appraisal has many years of experience in determining the value of objects for leasing. Employees of Swiss Appraisal not only advise you about your situation, but also keep you informed on the progress of the project at every stage along the way.

Swiss Appraisal personnel consists of only professional asset appraisers which form the most effective team and perform their work in accordance with IFRS and IVS.
Swiss Appraisal offers the following:

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