Valuation for repurchase

Valuation for property repurchase, valuation for share repurchase in business

The repurchase of real estate and property - a very common form of commercial business. It is not uncommon for an owner to repurchase on premises occupied by a lessee.

Like any two-way commercial transaction, the repurchase of a property requires an agreed price. Due to the different interests of the roles at hand, it is necessary to carry out an independent valuation, and establish a fair value for the cost of repurchase.

In the case of property or land repurchase, it is almost impossible to determine the market price without the participation of specialists who possess not only a thorough knowledge of the real estate market, supply and demand trends and influences, but also the peculiarities of the region specifically. An independent valuation of the site for repurchase conducted by experts in the field of purchasing and selling property will significantly simplify and speed-up the success of the transaction.

In the case of purchasing a controlling stake in a business based on talks regarding merger, acquisition or repurchase, an independent valuation is needed for the redemption of the subject shares.

When purchasing a business as a whole, such as the acquisition of the top management team's control of a company (Management Buy-Out), the need to establish an independent fair price increases many times. An independent valuation of repurchase allows one to avoid a conflict of interest between existing shareholders, who want to maximize the sum of the transaction, and the company's management, acting as a buyer, who wants to minimize it.

When dealing with the foreclosure of a business with shared ownership, complications arise frequently. An independent valuation for the foreclosure of the shares in joint ownership grants the greatest efficiency to the transaction while taking into consideration the interests of both parties.
A Swiss Appraisal valuation is required when repurchasing:

  • Shares in joint ownership
  • Business
  • Assets and securities
  • Other

Swiss Appraisal offers the following:

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