Valuation of use rights

Valuation of use rights

The right of ownership is a combination of ownership, use and disposal. To value property which one owns is to determine its fair market value. But the right to use, without the ownership and control, may have its value in certain cases. For example, the lease of personal property or the right to enter into a land lease agreement, obviously, provides specific benefits to their owner.

Therefore, right of use valuation along with the other rights and intangible assets valuation carry a definite meaning. In commercial practice, the right to use property to generate income for a certain period of time on the legal basis conditioned by the owner of the property offers one a significant opportunity. Production and profit gained in the process of the property usage belong to the person who has the right to use.

The valuation of use rights involves the determination of the value of that right as an object of civil transaction. The object of the transaction can be chattels and real estate, land, mineral resources or other natural objects that are characterized as non-consumable property, i.e. property, which does not lose its features during use.
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