Valuation of the shares of an LPC, market-based valuation of contribution to the share capital

Valuation of the shares in company's business, valuation of contribution to share capital

The main defining feature of any private enterprise is the presence of share capital, without which it is impossible to start an entrepreneurial activity. The share capital of the private company is paid by all its members in proportion to their participation. Not only money can act as a contribution, but also tangible assets, property rights and securities. If some participants did not contribute in cash, it is necessary to conduct a valuation of their contribution to the share capital in order to determine the size of their share.

The share can act as an object of purchase / sale. In this case, the price is set by an agreement between the parties. However, taking into consideration the nature of the object, it is highly recommended to contact professional appraisers to obtain an accurate assessment of the market value of the subject share. For a buyer, the valuation of a contribution to the share capital of a purchased business is critical.

The valuation company Swiss Appraisal has significant experience in the valuation of shares for private enterprise.
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