Market valuation of patents

Achieving the greatest benefit of utilizing intellectual property is only possible by registering a patent. A patent certifies the authorship, priority, and exclusive rights to the property for a specific period.

In order to carry out any commercial business with patented property, it is necessary to determine its price, thus patent valuation is required. The best evidence of patent valuation is a valuation report produced by an independent appraiser.

The implied value of a patent is not simply the sum of the costs of the invention and its registration. Assessing the value of a patent depends primarily on the purpose of its application and a set of rights that the patentee intends to transfer or sell. When determining the value of a patent for invention, appraisers calculate the potential commercial benefits the invention could bring under the current conditions of the economic climate. The main component of the value of a patent is the competitive advantages obtained through its use.

Objectives of patent valuation

Swiss Appraisal identifies the following goals for patent valuation and report preparation:

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The valuation of a patent can be performed at different stages of the life of an intangible asset, even from the time when the application for a patent is yet to be scheduled. The greatest difficulty is the valuation of intellectual property for which commercial operation has not yet begun. In this case, it is required to fully examine the market subject to the patent application and thoroughly analyze similar inventions.

The final result of an independent professional examination of a patent's value is the valuation report of the patent, made in full accordance with the international valuation standards. The valuation report has all the characteristics of a patent competent legal document for submission to various institutions: financial organizations, courts, public authorities, etc.

Swiss Appraisal's experts have extensive experience in the valuation of inventions, utility models and industrial designs in a variety of fields.

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